Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ramelton, County Donegal

I'm now on the Donegal / Sligo leg of the travel book shoot. I had planned a five day stay, basing myself in Donegal Town, and travelling out to various, and frequently far-flung corners of the very extensive County Donegal, and then into North Sligo (the southern, neighbouring county) and finishing in parts of South County Sligo, on my way back to County Limerick.

It was my first full day for shooting today and I spent over 10 hours on the road and covered about 400km. The light wasn't great (where I have heard THAT before?), and there are the ubiquitous grey-white sky shots filing up my 8 megabyte CF card, as usual. It's a strange thing, how, when things get really stressful, most people actually become calmer. So, I'm " Cool and the gang" as Samuel L. Jackson says in "Pulp Fiction".

But, I have seen a shot (or at least a potential one) that deserves a good sky. There are a row of 45 Mill Houses on the river in the picturesque town of Ramelton (12km north of Letterkenny, and once the county town of Donegal, before Letterkenny - not a lot of people know that!) that have really caught my eye. I photographed them this evening, but the grey sky doesn't do them justice.

So, I've booked an extra day at the hotel (the Abbey) and I'll go back on my extra day and elsewhere, light permitting - to see if can get a stronger shot of them (possibly with reflections in the river).

It's an interesting debate, whether to go back to a site to get it in the right light - especially if you're chasing a deadline. I know of some travel photographers (my all-time personal favourite being the great Michael Bussell) who will stake out a particular location for hours (or days even) to get the perfect light.

But, when chasing a deadline - as I am - there simply isn't time. Which is a great shame - because it's not as if I'm shooting the front of houses for an estate agent - but at the moment, it does feel a bit like that. Ok, this is Ramelton, I got the shot move on! Well, not until I get the light, not this time!!

It'll be worth getting back a day late (and catching up) just to get that one shot.

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