Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Studio for Hire - Ireland

The Deception Area

How was your weekend (for those of you in Ireland and the UK - read "long weekend, due to the public holiday). Mine was incredibly busy. It was a nice idea, building the studio - but ideas have a tendency to become reality (well, sometimes) and the reality is that a new business means very hard work!

My "long weekend" was spent travelling up and down County Limerick looking for office furniture. Once found (and that wasn't easy, as the office furniture shop that I was heading for decided to close over the holiday weekend), it had to be assembled, and positioned, in the newly built reception area - or as a friend of mine put it "oh, I see you have a deception area". I pointed out that those are only found in banks and firms selling double-glazing, but he wasn't entirely convinced.

I then decided to frame and hang some pictures of mine on the walls - some of which scratched the newly painted walls as I clumsily hung them - and so I then had to re-paint the walls.

I then thought of telling the world about the finally finished studio, with a posted mail-shot, to some local business, schools and colleges. And 70 envelopes later - not to mention dozens of printed information sheets - I awoke to find that the long weekend was over.

And now the real work begins!