Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chasing the Light

9.55pm Rochestown Lodge Hotel, Dun Laoghire**, County Dublin, Ireland

The end of a the second of two long days shooting for the travel book - with a third to go tomorrow, before I can head home for a short rest - and camera clean (and card downloading, and image captioning and editing) before setting off again on a much longer jaunt up the west coast.

This stint was photographing the beaches and coastal resorts of North Dublin, and then the City itself, then moving into the villages of county Kildare, tomorrow.

It was my first time ever in places like Howth, Malahide, Portmarnock, and Skerries. I wouldn't say that they are off the tourist maps, altogether, but the feedback I've been getting from the locals, is that they could do with a bit more exposure. I'm here to help! I've been bracketing my exposures like a mad thing!! Seriously, they are very pretty places, most of them with beaches and the only thing that has been lacking to make them a big summer success is...the summer!

I was lucky though. The light came out for three hours at about 5pm last night evening, and I worked hard to photograph as quickly as possible and then drive onto the next place, with one eye on the road and the other on the quickly setting sun. I got most of it done and by the time I got back to the B&B is almost too late to eat! The driving and scurrying around must have worked up my adrenaline, because not only didn't I eat well, I hardly slept, either.

So, tired and with aching muscles, I finished the coastal towns this morning, and moved on to the "big smoke" (Dublin) this afternoon. The light was great all day, and I spent about4 hours in the city, and shot about 200 images. It's amazing too, how friendly the Dubs are! One lady walked along the streets with me, pointing out important land marks for about 10 minutes, and all I did was ask for directions!

On to Kildare tomorrow. The forecast is for heavy rain!

*for the undinitiated, the seecond word in that place name is pronounced exactly the same way as the word that is often used to described certain kinds of photographers - "Leery"!

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