Monday, September 1, 2008

Bleepin' Beepers

There I was, poised precariously at the edge of the roadside (which has no footpath) close to Adare village, a beautiful spot, in County Limerick, Ireland with the 70 - 200mm Canon L zoom, on a monopod and pointed at the newly restored Desmond Castle.

A few cars passed me. I took a few shots. A few more cars passed behind me. I bracketed my exposures and took a few more shots.

Something was missing. This didn't feel right. I bent down to look through the viewfinder again, just as another car drew level with my back(side) and...


there it was, right on cue, the "oh, look there's someone taking a photograph, won't it be good if we beep the car horn to make them jump and miss the shot" joke. Bleeping hilarious.

The really funny thing is: It's never going to make me jump, as I start to expect the beep if more than 5 cars pass me without beeping. And, of course, it's a digital camera, so nothing is ever wasted (only deleted) - if they only knew how many shots I "waste" when I'm NOT being beeped, they'd probably not raise their horn hand at all!

I wonder if it's just Irish drivers that find this a really funny joke? Let me know how many beepers you've met - and where!

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