Friday, September 12, 2008

Economic Down Turn - Cynicism Up Turn

Me (on telephone): Hello, I'm writing a travel guide book for a major UK publisher and we wanted to include your hotel in the book, as it is close to Portumna, a town we are featuring in the guide. Can I get some information from you about the hotel, please?

Hotel Manager: How much will it cost me?

Me: Nothing, it's a travel guide book, from a publisher that sells books by the million. There is no charge to include the hotel, I just need to check some facts.

Hotel Manager: And then you'll tell me how much you want to charge me for it.

Me: No, there's no charge, it's a guide book, not an advertising brochure.

Hotel Manager: I don't believe that. There's never something for nothing.

Me: This is something for nothing.

Hotel Manager: I doubt it.

Me: Bye, thanks for your help.

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