Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Self Published Books

I finally got around to self-publishing a book via Blurb.com It took me several months to finally make up my mind about the photographs that I wanted to include; and even now I feel that I would like a second attempt to stream-line the theme a bit more.

I have so many photographs on my hard drive (many thousands) that it was difficult to chose a topic for the book initially. I eventually decided to use images taken over 2 years in County Kerry, Ireland. I'm now planning a series of books on a very specific theme, which could be taken all over Ireland (and elsewhere).

Ironically, since finishing the Blurb book, I now have a publisher interested in an idea I have for another one.

You can see the preview of "A Small Window on Kerry" below, and the book is available for purchase via Blurb (just click the "buy" icon or the hypertext link below the preview window to g to the purchase page on Blurb).