Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Studio Images

My new photography studio is now open and ready for business.

I've taught two photography classes in there, to date, and had one photo-shoot, mainly to test the lighting set-up. The reception area (not shown above) needs a desk and some more pictures on the wall, and the printing room and changing room needs a coat of paint on the wall (same quite large room - also not shown). I hope to get photos of those areas - and the nice new sign on the wall outside - posted very soon.

What is shown, is one shot of the very spacious teaching area - complete with screen, laptop and LCD projector - and two shots of the main "people shooting" (or, more formally, the portrait photography area - one angle has the teaching area in the background). This area has 3 Elinchrom 500Ws wireless flash heads, which can be fired and adjusted from a remote unit, the size of a matchbook, plus another 400Ws head, on a boom stand, for back-lighting. Isn't technology wonderful!

The heavy-duty wall-mounted background roll holder has white and black 9ft wide (2.7m) background paper rolls and a cloth roll for more formal portraits. There is also a large selection of soft-boxes, umbrellas and reflectors - including a very large (6ft tall) silver and gold reflector panel, and an 135cm octagonal soft-box - certainly the largest I've ever used - which is ideal for beauty portraits. I have a large assortment of other accessories and I'll be picking up more as I go along, no doubt.

I need to get a better assortment of tables and chairs - especially for the reception area, and to put up some nice shots on the wall. But, I'm certainly happy with what I've managed to do in four short weeks.

Now, those customers...where are they?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First Studio Shoot

Well, it's been a while. And a lot has happened in the month or so since I last posted. For example, the day after I last posted here, I sent my favourite lens (Canon 24-105mm L zoom) to a Dublin-based "agency" for Canon Cameras, so that they could forward it to Canon in the UK, for calibration. I was told - no, I was assured - that it would be away from me for not more than 10 days. Well, I'm still waiting for it to come back, nearly 1 month later! I am also assured that I will have on Friday. I'll believe that when I see it.

Just to show what can be done in less than a month, I have made huge changes to the empty space that I leased a few days after I sent my camera for calibration. I have had a reception area built. I have had a toilet built. I have had a kitchen area built with wash basin, cupboard space sink and appliances (well, sockets for a kettle and microwave). I have created a teaching area complete with carpet, LCD projector, screen and chairs. I have created a "people shooting" area, with wall mounted backgrounds, lights, reflectors, fans and wireless and tethered shooting to a laptop. I have had a letterbox cut into the door and ordered a sign for the wall outside. I have taught my first class in the teaching area. And, today, I took my first shots in the shooting area.

Without the wide zoom, I can't, yet, take any photos of the inside of the studio. But, I have some shots taken in it, on a Canon 70-200mm zoom, of model Diana Storozuk, this afternoon (above).

I still need to build the "product shooting area" and the reception area needs a desk, a carpet and pictures on the wall. I also need some customers. But they will come, with time.

He said, hopefully!