Friday, September 5, 2008

Rain Check

Apparently, the origins of the phrase "I'll take a rain check" are in the the practice of giving a free ticket to the next outdoor event - especially sport, and commonly Baseball - because the the one you had booked has been cancelled due to bad weather (especially rain).

Here I am, still in the Dun Laoghire hotel, back in my room, having had more dried up food - this time, in the restaurant. Even at 8.30am, the chef managed to make the "full Irish" breakfast look and taste as if it had been cooked the day before and kept warm (just) in a moderate oven! My bet is that he did!

There is one predominant sound, other than the clicking of the keys as I type. And that is the rain beating against the windows. It looks like my plans for a day's shoot in the County Kildare villages is well and truely washed out!

Still, the Irish weather can change faster than I can change a CF card - and almost as fast as some of the women I've known can change their minds - so I'll head in that direction and hope that the sun breaks though!

p.s. A friend just sent a text (SMS) message from Limerick. He says:

"You could photograph ducks drowning down here - in fact a selection of them, if you could keep your own head above the waterline!!"

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