Thursday, October 9, 2008

Turning the Tables - Human Nature

(see: "Relax - The Cheque is in the Post" and "Recovering Bad Debt in Ireland" for background)

I wrote to the music management company that hasn't yet paid me - Milestone Management in Dublin - telling them that I was about to contact my union because the promised cheque failed to arrive. I got this reply from the Director Ciaran Conroy:

Hi Stephen,

The payment went out to you on Wednesday as confirmed.

If you haven’t received it yet it should be there by tomorrow. The normal way of approaching business is to pick up the phone in a circumstance like this before threatening to go down a legal route for an invoice that is not even two months overdue. Your photography is very good but we will certainly not be doing business or recommending the purchase of your photographs to any of the other main promoters or management companies in the country in the future.

Apologies again.

My reply:

Dear Ciaran

Thank you for the email. It’s always interesting to me how, as human beings, we can ignore our failings – you failed to act on your promise three times in my case - and turn the tables against others who have done nothing more than ask for what is due to them.

Although I can’t threaten to blacken your name within the music promotion circles, I can certainly put it on my blog.

Best wishes,



  1. What an ass. I would be furious!

  2. I'm not furious, Per, just disappointed in the way people can behave sometimes. Thank you for your comment. Stephen


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