Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Morality Play

The Photographer's Christmas - Present

(The Blog equivalent of a hidden track on a CD).

The scene: Prescot, Merseyside, UK. Christmas Eve. A photographer and his father (a non photographer, but nonetheless a fairly decent sort of chap) are in "Boots" (a retail pharmacy chain and purveyors of all things "lifestyle"). The photographer is looking for gifts for his daughter-in-law and an elderly aunt. He quickly buys a handbag gift set for the "out-law", and then speaks aloud his dilemma of what to buy his aunt and is overheard by a lady of about the same age.

Elderly Lady: She might like those chocolate biscuits, they look lovely, I would like them myself.

Photographer: Would you really? (For a nano-second, the photographer actually considers buying her the biscuits, but reflects on his not-so-bulging wallet and picks up the tin and heads towards the store counter). (To the elderly lady) Thanks for the suggestion - I think she'll like them.

Store Assistant: (taking the handbag set and biscuits from the photographer). You do know that these items are in our "three for two" range?

Photographer:No, I didn't know that. So, I can get another tin of biscuits for free?

Store Assistant: Yes, or any other item in the offer.

Photographer: Right. (He goes back to the shelf, collects another tin of chocolate biscuits and returns to the assistant). Could I have a separate carry-bag for those biscuits, please?

Young Woman: (Standing behind Photographer in the store Line - muttering to herself): I wish people would decide what they want before they come to the check-out.

Photographer: (turning to his father): Keep your eye on that old woman.

Store Assistant: twenty seven pounds and sixty five pence please.

Photographer's Father: She's just gone out onto the street.

Photographer: (picking up two bags) Thank you (to store assistant). Merry Christmas (to young woman).

Young Woman: (stern-faced) Merry Christmas.

(The photographer and his father leave the shop and find the elderly lady standing on the main street. The photographer approaches her, and offers her the bag with the biscuits inside).

Photographer: Merry Christmas.

Elderly Lady: (aghast) Oh, no! You shouldn't have done that, it's not necessary.

Photographer: No, it's not necessary, it's Christmas and people are nice to me - so I'm returning the favour. Besides, it was three for the price of two!

(The Elderly Lady kisses the photographer and his father on the cheek, thanks them, shakes their hands and wishes them Merry Christmas. The photographer and his father walk away to their car.)

Photographer's Father: She'll remember that. I'd better warn you that I didn't buy you a Christmas present!

Photographer: Damn. I should have kept the biscuits!


The photo shows my grandson, Terry, demonstrating that it's not the cost of the gift that is important - but the pleasure it brings to the recipient.

Happy New Year.

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  1. The photo is adorable & the story brought tears to my eyes. That is the true meaning of Christmas! It isn't what you get yourself rather, what you can give to others. Hope you had a great one & a wonderful New Year. Talk w/ you soon!!


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