Friday, November 28, 2008

When Email Photography Forums Fail

Friday Faux Pas

A member of an email photography forum, to which I subscribe, asked a question, today, about whether it was possible to manually adjust the "auto" tone control in Lightroom. - it was an interesting question, and I was sure that someone out there in Digital-imaging land would know - and so I sat back and waited for what I was sure would be an equally interesting answer.

And, sure enough, someone did know. But, the answer never came. What did come through, on the email, was a very polite "thank you" to the forum member who had (wait for it...) telephoned the answer to the original poster.

Telephoned! Actually called and spoke to him. What is the world coming to when we are no longer satisfied with the impersonal and often anonymous communication methods of email and internet forums that we have to resort to actually speaking to someone else - live! It's all beyond me.

And, I didn't get the answer - I bet it was good one!


  1. Ok, now you've got the suspense killing ME! *sigh*

    That's the silliest thing I've ever heard of. :)

  2. What is a telephone? Is it that yellow, horrifically unsanitary thing that is pictured in the original post?


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